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Hot And Mighty™ Mobile Cleaning Systems
Pressure Washing / Mobile Cleaning Equipment

Whether a stationary cleaning washer or custom mobile cleaning unit we can facilitate any equipment to meet your needs. We have hot and cold water pressure washers with pressures up to 6,000 PSI and flow rates up to 10 GPM. We strive to match you with the equipment you need. Industrial cleaning contractors since 1975 we have the experience needed to answer your questions. For More Information

Watersafe Technologies / Hot And Mighty™
Reclamation And Recycling Systems

We are suppliers of industrial sized wash water recycling system, oil water separators and portable reclamation and recycling systems. Our portable recovery and recycling systems can be found under our Hot And Mighty™ brand Metal finishing and recycling systems can be found at All other waste or wash water collection and recycling needs can be met be Watersafe Technologies. Call for details.

CPR Systems™
Metal Pretreatment And Recycling Systems

Offering chemical usage reduction of over 80% compared to typical hand wiping methods our CPR Metal Pretreatment System is the definition of a green manufacturing technology. Increasing salt spray test times and facilitating the increase in paint adhesion we utilize a high pressure low chemical platform to clean, degrease and phosphate large metal parts before paint. Reclaim and reuse the phosphate chemical bath for closed-loop environmental compliance and huge chemical cost reductions.For More Information

Diveheaters: Underwater Environmental Control Systems
Diver Support Systems

Get stable and consistent heat to your dive support staff. Utilizing a unique valving system we provide affordable water heating units to support two diver off of the same heating unit. For More Information

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