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Diveheaters: Underwater Environmental Control Systems

Let us show you why our dive heaters are the best way to provide portable, consistent heating temperatures to your dive support staff.

Underwater construction is dangerous enough without complications that can arise from inadequate heating of your dive suits. For years underwater construction companies have been forced to rely on equipment designed for other purposes. Our units were designed with your needs and the safety of your divers in mind. Most heater modules being used have vertical coils or fuel tanks in areas that caused instability. Our dive support heaters have the coil mounted horizontally and the fuel tanks are located under the coil. This design not only makes the machine stable it also increases burner efficiency.

Each dive support heater is equipped with an adjustable thermostat and high limit switch for better temperature control. A flow switch is used for no water or low water shutdown. Tired of rust particles destroying your valves and gauges? We have added a 316l stainless steel coil upgrade option. If quality and dependability are what you have been looking for then try dive heater brand dive support heaters.

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